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Principles of Collaboration feedback and open forum

The Governance Team for Virginia Heritage would like to update you on recent events within our community. We have been consistently expanding our membership over the years and have successfully worked with the University of Virginia Library to stabilize the VH infrastructure. Building on that solid foundation, we have recently begun the process to integrate some key stakeholders from West Virginia to create a new, combined effort to provide descriptive access to our rare and unique holdings. Like Digital Virginias our DPLA Service Hub, this collaboration across both states will provide new opportunities for engagement and participation.

To that end, we are updating our governance structure and will adapt how
Virginia Heritage has operated over the last twenty years. Virginia Heritage Governance invites you to review and comment on our updated governance document and consider how you or someone from your organization could get involved.

We request feedback from the community through the month of September and will be available to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, we are soliciting ideas for a new name that reflects the combined nature of our new effort. Please send any ideas to Lynn Eaton (  We plan to have a few open sessions to discuss these events later in the Fall, the first slated for Tuesday, 29 September, 1PM. You can sign up for the open session here.