Is your archival repository looking for ways to increase awareness of your collections and located in Virginia or West Virginia? If so consider joining Archival Resources of the Virginias.

Benefits of Membership

Participation in ARVAS increases the discoverability of valuable resources to researchers of all kinds. It’s free to join and requires a minimal time commitment for upkeep and maintenance.

For more information contact the current Governance chair or the Outreach Team (

Required information

Want to join? Then submit your institution’s information via this form. The following information is needed for new members:

  • Request a MARC Organization Code if your organization does not already have one.
  • Provide contact information for the organization. This should include:
    • Full name of the organization
    • Physical and/or Mailing address
    • Phone
    • Contact email (either generic address for your organization or that of a specific point person
    • website address
  • A jpeg file of your organization’s logo
Example of a finding aid header including logo, name, address, email, and URL
The information provided is used to create the header information for your finding aid, like the example above.

ARVAS also maintains institutional profiles of its members to help users learn about the various organizations around the state. Information needed for the profile includes contact information, a brief description of your institution, and primary collecting areas.

Want to learn more about the organization?

Join our listserv (VIVASC-L) on the VIVA Listservs page or follow us on Twitter (@ARVASarchive) and Facebook (@arvasarchives). Problems signing up for the listserv? Contact Margaret Kidd for assistance.